The drawing technique is based on the use of professional quality colour pencils, on 220 grs acid-free paper. Due to the detailed and time consuming technique, I work with photographs and not with live models.

Important: A photograph of high quality
- a sharp photograph, with a minimum size of 13 x 18 cm;
- with eyes that are well visible;
- well-exposed (not under- or overexposed, certainly no red ‘flash’ eyes).

If possible, I wish to meet the person or animal I’m going to portray, to get a good impression of their looks and personality. Sometimes this is impossible; in that case I like to receive various photographs besides the picture which is to serve as an example for the portrait.

How to acquire a suitable photograph?
Perhaps you have a good photograph already, or you are able to make one (or have one made). If you prefer, I would be more than pleased to visit you and make the photograph myself. The use of a digital camera enables you to select a picture immediately, and you won’t need to worry about the quality of the photograph. I worked as a professional portrait photographer for several years, and use professional equipment. Also, meeting the subject personally will certainly be beneficial for the result.


How about a frame?
If you wish, I can arrange to have your portrait professionally framed according to your personal taste and wishes. You will then receive a finished piece of art, which is ready to hang up on the wall. Would you rather take care of the framing yourself? In that case you will receive the portrait in a poster mailing tube, sent registered and insured.

Do you have special wishes?
Would you like a background added to your drawing? Perhaps you want a picture of more than one person or animal, or a combination of both? Are you looking for a drawing in black-and-white, or something totally different?
Please inquire, I’m sure we can come to an agreement!